Artist Julian Bradley and Liz

All works are high pigment heavy mix acrylic on canvas and have been sealed.  All canvases are 0.75 inches in thickness unless otherwise noted. 

The price includes the framing which requires 2 hooks for balance.  Unfinished framing may be stained at purchaser’s discretion.

Some original art is still available for purchase, however many works have been sold. Giclée prints on canvas are available for all works at approximately one-half of the posted price.  Some of the works may be sized if desired.

The majority of the proceeds from the sale of these paintings are donated to the Second Chance Scholarship Fund administered by Wake Technical Community College.


A Good Morning at the HookSuggested Price Ranges

Original Paintings
Large      (24x36, 24x30)    $650-$950
Medium   (16x20, 18x24)      $450-$850
Small      (11x14, 12x12)         $225-$395

Giclee Prints are generally ½ the original price
Price reflects sealed canvases framed
Shipping (+Sales Tax within NC) is additional

Please contact the artist to discuss options to commission or purchase an acrylic painting, or to order a giclée print.  Be sure to ask about a portrait of your pet!


Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") is French for "squirt of ink" on canvas.  A giclée is a very accurate digital reproduction of the original.  All giclées are custom made. When your order is received, your giclée will be created and signed by the artist.